Bard Bloom (bard_bloom) wrote,
Bard Bloom

Review: Khe

sentient buildings, planetary consciousness, soft science, interesting cultures. Khe is a doumana, a woman, from a country commune/village. Her species have some cool features, like built-in mood rings — dots around their necks which change color with their emotions. (Wear a tall collar if you want secrecy!) The countryfolk are communist/collectivist — and sexual separatists, with villages segregated by sex and only meeting during the mating season. Khe isn’t affected by the mating season. She seeks treatment for this disability, and is given an experimental drug, and gains the superpower of being able to increase plant fertility by 20% in exchange for losing years off her lifespan. So she seeks treatment for that, much to her village’s dismay. Things get complicated and more troublesome from there, as she learns some of the secrets of who or what actually rules her world, and gets into a very uncomfortable relationship with them. </p>

The writing is uncontrived and plain, and fits the first-person narrative of the fairly unsophisticated Khe herself. The science is kind of wonky. The ideas range from standard-but-interesting, like energy beings, to downright eccentric, like intelligent buildings and villages.

Three blue dots out of five, making it about average for SF books that I finish. Enjoyable and interesting.

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