Bard Bloom (bard_bloom) wrote,
Bard Bloom

Review: Origins

Origins, by Mark Hendrikson, is a clumsily-written Frankenstein monster of space opera, wannabe psychodrama, and von Daniken style Bible-rewriting in which Exodus is all due to the aliens. I can't off-hand think of *any* character in the book who makes much sense. (Why does the reincarnating alien commander come tell the whole story to a random psychiatrist? And his explanation for getting slaves get lost for forty years in the desert is pretty contrived too. Why are the enemy aliens stereotypical sneering villains? And, sheesh, Pharaoh.) The science doesn't either: somehow the eruption in Thera (I guess) caused most of the Exodus plagues in Egypt, at convenient times. The main point of reading this is to watch the train wreck. One mind-preserved alien soldier out of five.
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